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Here are a few helpful tips to guide you through your online study course:

When can I enrol?  If you choose to study with Australian Online Courses you can enrol in any online study course offered anytime that suits you. This can be done online or over the phone on 1300 76 2221.

When can I study?  24/7. As soon as you receive your eLearning access details you have the flexibility to study when, where and how often it suits you.

How long is my enrolment?  We offer twelve (12) months’ access, with extensions available upon application (fees apply).

When does my enrolment commence?  Enrolment commences once Australian Online Courses sends you your eLearning access details for online study.

Enrolling with Australian Online Courses is easy. You can:

  1. Enrol Online;  or
  2. Call 1300 76 2221 during business hours.

Students may enrol in an online study course at any time throughout the year.

Upon enrolment, students receive access to learning materials via our elearning systems or alternative access and unlimited tutor support.

Students can commence their online study course at any time throughout the year and all study is self-paced. Students can study online 24/7 upon receipt of elearning access details.

Funding is available, however it is usually through an employment services provider assigned to you by Centrelink. We have had many students acquire funding this way; you will need to contact your employment services provider to discover what funding opportunities are available.

Concessions for online study

If you have a pension/health care card, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your online study courses. Please upload a scanned copy of your card here.

  1. Course Materials are supplied in an online environment, unless otherwise stated in the course description, and are available for viewing online and may not be downloaded.
  2. The content of the online Course Materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of AOC and partners. You may not reproduce any part of the online Course Materials without the prior written consent of AOC.
  3. Course materials are provided online via our Learning Management System (LMS) 24/7. The eLearning site may occasionally be unavailable during scheduled maintenance. In the event that our elearning system becomes unavailable, course materials will be provided by another mode of delivery.
  4. When you study with AOC you will be provided with twelve (12) months’ access. You can complete the course at a faster pace if you are motivated, or take your time.

Assessment will be comprised of written exercises, including short-answer questions, reflective tasks, short reports and/or projects.

Students are given three (3) attempts for the submission of the assessment for each unit/module. If a student is deemed not competent after the third attempt on an assessment, the unit will require re-enrolment (charges apply).

For tutor support, please contact with the unit/module and activity number.

To study online with Australian Online Courses you will need to use a computer or mobile device to access your learning materials and participate in set learning activities.

If you have a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device that can connect to the internet via a modern web browser then that is all you will need to study with us!

A Certificate of Attainment and a Statement of Results will be issued following successful completion of all units/modules. Certificates will be issued within 14 days.

Re-Issue of Certificates

An online application form is to be completed by graduates who are requesting a replacement of an original Certificate/Statement of Attainment.

Please go to